Vodka Orange Sclices

How to make vodka jelly orange slices

vodka orange jelly slices
vodka orange jelly slices

If you like making vodka jelly shots but are looking for some new twists, perhaps to liven up a party, funeral or wedding, why not try making vodka jelly orange slices? If you’re wondering how to do that, here’s a handy guide. A nice little recipe from

Firstly, make the vodka jelly recipe up in the normal way. Remember that the more vodka you put in, the stronger it will be and so very likely the more drunk your guests will get. But if you put in too much it won’t set at all, so it’s important to get the vodka jelly ratio of water to vodka absolutely correct. Or at least, fairly correct, as it doesn’t really matter all that much to be honest.


Decisions, decisons

While you’re doing this, get a friend or maybe a child to cut some oranges in half. If it’s a young child they may need supervision for this. Alternatively, simply cut some oranges in half yourself before you start.

However you arrange for the oranges to be cut in half, the important thing is that you do it. Don’t start slurping on vodka jelly babies and making a mess of it all. Many an amateur had made that mistake. Once you’ve cut them in half, you scoop out the flesh. You can use a spoon for this, or even a knife, or even your fingers. A spoon is probably best though. What you do with the flesh is up to you. You might like to eat it, use if for compost, use it as an ingredient in an orange vodka jelly cake, or maybe just pop it in the fridge to decide later. Remember though that as soon as its in contact with the air, both the vitamin content and flavour begin to deteriorate, so don’t leave it too long.

It actually doesn’t matter if you leave a few bits of orange flesh behind in the skins, as you’ll be using orange flavour jelly so they’ll go and should even give it a juicy taste of real orange pieces. Yummy. You’ll now have a certain number of empty half orange shells in front of you, sort of like little bowls. If you started with seven oranges you should have 14 halves, if you started with nine oranges you’ll have 18, and so on. That’s assuming you haven’t dropped one or that the dog hasn’t run off with one.


The clever bit

Now comes the clever bit. You take your orange vodka jelly shots mixture, which will still be hot and liquid, and pout it into the shells. If you’ve done your calculations right you’ll have exactly enough vodka jelly to fill the shells. If you’ve made too much though, you’ll have some left over. There is a choice of things you can do if this happens. Firstly, you could just allow it to cool slightly and then drink it yourself. But bear in mind that it’s full of vodka and you don’t want to get too drunk and spoil the vodka orange shots recipe, do you?

Another option would be to slice another orange in half, if you have one, and use that as another vodka jelly mould. Or you could just put it into a conventional jelly mould, or any clean, food-safe vessel – such as a soup bowl or teacup – and let it set to be enjoyed later.

If on the other hand you find that you have too many half-oranges for the amount of vodka jelly recipe that you’ve made, there’s probably not a lot useful that could be done with them, and you may as well throw them away. The good news is that oranges are completely biodegradable, so you won’t be doing any damage to the environment (although obviously there is the ‘air miles’ issue to consider from when you bought them, but that’s really beyond the scope of this orange vodka slices recipe.


The cleverer bit

Now, you can leave your oranges, which are now filled with cooling orange vodka jelly, out on the side for a bit. The reason for that is that if you put them in the fridge while still hot, the fridge motor might struggle a bit to cool them. In time this might shorten the life of your fridge.

Once you’ve let them cool – say for 30 or 40 minutes – then you can transfer them to the fridge. Of course, jelly normally sets nicely in two or three hours, as will your vodka jelly orange halves. But – and here’s a top tip – for this particular vodka jelly party recipe, it’s good to leave them to set for much longer – overnight ideally. That’s because that way they will become really firm all the way through, meaning they will hold their shape better when you cut your orange vodka jelly slices.

So the next morning – or actually, probably just before the guests arrive for the party, now I think about it – you can cut your oranges into segments, just like you might cut a real orange into segments. Assuming your jelly is set nice and firm, they will look really fancy, like kind of orange jelly segments in real orange peel, which is basically what they are. You can arrange them on a plate, say in a circle or maybe a fan shape, or really whatever shape you prefer.


A word of warning

As your guests arrive, offer them some vodka shot orange slices, and just see the looks on their faces. It will really get your party going with a touch of elegance. For a bit of fun, you could not mention that they are in fact full of vodka. That way your guests will just think they are eating normal jelly, but will be getting drunk. However, this is unethical and probably illegal, so we’d really advise against it. There is a danger that one of your guest may not be able to tolerate alcohol or maybe be a recovering alcoholic, so you tricking them into eating your vodka orange jelly slices could have disastrous unforeseen circumstances.